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EGI service catalogue

A catalogue of services offered by EGI to :

  • participants: the members of the EGI Council
  • Resource providers: entities that provide computing services integrated in EGI
  • Researchers: individual scientists, projects or research collaborations
The EGI Service Catalogue
Category Service Name Consumer participants Resource providers Researchers
High-Throughput Computing Platform Grid compute     X
Grid storage     X
File transfer      X
File metadata catalogue     X
Cloud Computing Platform Cloud compute     X
Cloud storage     X
Virtual appliance marketplace      X
Software Services and Platforms Applications database     X
Training marketplace     X
Repository of validated software X X  
Federated operations X X  
Coordination Project and programme management X    
Operations coordination X X  
Technology coordination X X  
Security coordination X X  
Consulting and support Specialised consultancy services X    
Strategy and policy decision support X    
Policy development X X  
Technical consultancy and support   X X
Helpdesk support X X X
Marketing and outreach Marketing X X X
Outreach X X X
Training and Certification IT Service Management (FitSM) X X X